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A cornerstone of hip-hop’s new wave and the constant trendsetter, Chief Keef has managed to be both a fan favorite and highly respected by his peers. Sorry For The Weight, a longtime favorite of his fanbase, featuring hit songs, “Sosa Chamberlain” and “Ten Toes Down”. Keef fans will be ecstatic that this will be the first time it is available on vinyl.

1. Ain’t Nothin’

2. Himalayas

3. Sosa Chamberlain

4. Get Money

5. Hot Shit (feat. Andy Milonakis)

6. F'em

7. Vet Lungs

8. Ten Toes Down

9. That's What

10. Guess What Boy

11. Please

12. What Up

13. 5AM

14. Send It Up

15. Hiding

16. He Don't know

17. On My Momma

18. Don't Want None

19. Yours (feat. Benji Glo)

20. Win

21. I Want Some Money

Chief Keef Sorry 4 The Weight (Deluxe Edition)

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