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2015’s DS2, Future’s third studio album, full of thumping trap beats, comes to record stores on double teal colored vinyl for Record Store Day 2022!

Side A

1. “Thought It Was a Drought”

2. “I Serve the Base”

3. “Where Ya At”

4. “Groupies”

Side B

1. “Lil One”

2. “Stick Talk”

3. “Freak Hoe”

4. “Rotation”

5. “Slave Master”

Side C

1. “Blow a Bag”

2. “Colossal”

3. “Rich $ex”

4. “Blood On the Money”

Side D

1. “Trap Niggas”

2. “The Percocet & Stripper Joint”

3. “Real Sisters”

4. “Kno The Meaning”

5. “F*ck Up Some Commas”

DS2 Future Colour Vinyl

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