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"Kicking at the Perfumed Air" & "Whatever Happened I Apologize" with the film "Where are you, Jay Bennett?"

Label: What Were We Thinking

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A special double LP Record Store Day 2022 exclusive, featuring two albums by the late Jay Bennett (Wilco) alongside the 2021 feature-length documentary "Where are you, Jay Bennett?," packaged in a gatefold jacket.

"Where are you, Jay Bennett?" is a feature-length documentary on Jay Bennett, a legendary musician who, as a member of Wilco, was a large part of the genius behind their three seminal albums (Being There, Summerteeth, and Yankee Hotel Foxtrot -- he co-wrote most of Summerteeth and YHF with Jeff Tweedy) as well as the Mermaid Avenue/Woody Guthrie sessions with Billy Bragg, and who went on to a critically acclaimed solo career, before dying tragically at the age of 45

"Whatever Happened I Apologize" is best described by Brian Robbins of "a departure from much of his past work. Simply put, the master of what-this-track-needs-is-one-more-weird-noise-and-it'll-be-perfect (and staunch defender of vinyl) has offered up a digital-only acoustic album much of it just the man, his guitar, and some pretty open emotions.”

"Kicking at the Perfumed Air" is a beautiful collection of personal songs that Jay Bennett was working on when he died. Released posthumously, the album was praised for its subtle beauty. Pitchfork said: "But Perfumed works simply because Bennett was such a keen craftsman, his mournfulness so elegantly expressed, and as such, nevertheless serves as a fitting elegy for an under-appreciated and occasionally misunderstood songsmith and musician taken too soon."

Whatever Happened I Apologize:

1 Another Town Another Ride Another Window 3:05

2 I Don't Have The Time 1:51

3 I'll Decorate My Love 3:42

4 The Engines Are Idle 4:51

5 How Dull They Make The Razor 3:01

6 Without The Benefit Of Sight 4:39

7 Hank 2:23

8 Talk And Talk And Talk 4:55

9 Wicket World 3:51

10 Little Blue Pills

Kicking at the Perfumed Air

1 Diamond Smiles

2 Second-Last Call

3 Twice A Year

4 Mirror Ball

5 Footprints

6 Hotel Song

7 Invitation

8 When Heaven Hel The World

9 M Plates

10 Cartoon Physics

11 Beer

Jay Bennett Where Are You Jay Bennett?

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