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Restock April 30th.

Label: Demon Records

Quantity: 8000

Release type: RSD Exclusive Release


After a decade-long hiatus, alternative rock legends Pixies reunited for a triumphant set at Coachella 2004. Hitting the stage before a headline set by Radiohead, Pixies delivered a now-iconic performance packed full of classic tracks including ‘Where Is My Mind?’, ‘Here Comes Your Man’ and ‘Debaser’. Now released on vinyl for the very first time, this Record Store Day exclusive features the epic 20-song set pressed on two 140g yellow and orange marbled vinyl with an etching on side D. First time on vinyl.

Track Listing:

Side One

1. Bone Machine

2. U Mass

3. Isla De Encanta

4. Wave Of Mutilation

5. Broken Face

6. Cactus

7. Caribou

8. Number 13 Baby

Side Two

1. Gouge Away

2. Tame

3. Monkey Gone To Heaven

4. Debaser

5. Velouria

6. Hey

7. Gigantic

Side Three

1. Nimrod’s Son

2. Here Comes Your Man

3. Vamos

4. In Heaven

5. Where Is My Mind?

6. Into The White

The Pixies Live At Coachella Marbled Vinyl

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