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The Replacements: Please To Meet Me Deluxe Box Set.

3 CD's and 1 Remixed LP.


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 Pleased to Meet Me (2020 Remaster)
CD1-2Alex Chilton 
CD1-3I Don’t Know 
CD1-4Nightclub Jitters 
CD1-5The Ledge 
CD1-6Never Mind 
CD1-8Shooting Dirty Pool 
CD1-9Red Red Wine 
CD1-11Can’t Hardly Wait 
 Rare, Single-Only Tracks
CD1-12Election Day 
CD1-13Jungle Rock 
CD1-14Route 66 
CD1-15Tossin’ N’ Turnin’ 
CD1-16Cool Water 
CD1-17Can’t Hardly Wait (Jimmy Iovine Remix) 
 Blackberry Way Demos
CD2-1Bundle Up (Demo) 
CD2-2Birthday Gal (Demo) 
CD2-3I.O.U. (Demo) 
CD2-4Red Red Wine (Demo) 
CD2-5Photo (Demo) 
CD2-6Time Is Killing Us (Demo) 
CD2-7Valentine (Demo) 
CD2-8Awake Tonight (Demo) 
CD2-9Hey Shadow (Demo) 
CD2-10I Don’t Know (Demo) 
CD2-11Kick It In (Demo 1) 
CD2-12Shooting Dirty Pool (Demo) 
CD2-13Kick It In (Demo 2) 
CD2-14All He Wants To Do Is Fish (Demo) 
CD2-15Even If It’s Cheap (Demo) 
 Rough Mixes
CD3-1Valentine (Rough Mix) 
CD3-2Never Mind (Rough Mix) 
CD3-3Birthday Gal (Rough Mix) 
CD3-4Alex Chilton (Rough Mix) 
CD3-5Election Day (Rough Mix) 
CD3-6Kick It In (Rough Mix) 
CD3-7Red Red Wine (Rough Mix) 
CD3-8The Ledge (Rough Mix) 
CD3-9I.O.U. (Rough Mix) 
CD3-10Can't Hardly Wait (Rough Mix) 
CD3-11Nightclub Jitters (Rough Mix) 
CD3-12Skyway (Rough Mix) 
CD3-13Cool Water (Rough Mix) 
 Outtakes & Alternates
CD3-14Birthday Gal 
CD3-15Learn How to Fail 
CD3-16Run for the Country 
CD3-17All He Wants to Do Is Fish 
CD3-18I Can Help (Outtake) 
CD3-19Lift Your Skirt 
CD3-20Til We're Nude 
CD3-21Beer for Breakfast 
CD3-22Trouble on the Way 
CD3-23I Don't Know (Outtake) 
 Pleased To Meet Me - The Rough Mixes
A1Valentine (Rough Mix) 
A2Never Mind (Rough Mix) 
A3Birthday Gal (Rough Mix) 
A4Alex Chilton (Rough Mix) 
A5Election Day (Rough Mix) 
A6Kick It In (Rough Mix) 
B1Red Red Wine (Rough Mix) 
B2The Ledge (Rough Mix) 
B3I.O.U. (Rough Mix) 
B4Can't Hardly Wait (Rough Mix) 
B5Nightclub Jitters (Rough Mix) 
B6Skyway (Rough Mix) 
B7Cool Water (Rough Mix) 

The Replacements: Please To Meet Me Deluxe Box Set

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