01	Tattoo	4:44
CD-02	She's The Woman	2:58
CD-03	You And Your Blues	3:44
CD-04	China Town	3:15
CD-05	Blood And Fire	4:27
CD-06	Bullethead	2:32
CD-07	As Is	4:47
CD-08	Honeybabysweetiedoll	3:48
CD-09	The Trouble With Never	4:00
CD-10	Outta Space	2:54
CD-11	Stay Frosty	4:08
CD-12	Big River	3:52
CD-13	Beats Workin'	5:04
DVD - Bonus Material
DVD-1	Panama (Downtown Session)	
DVD-2	You And Your Blues (Downtown Session)	
DVD-3	Beautiful Girls (Downtown Session)

Van Halen: A Different Kind Of Truth CD

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