Woodstock Two 50th Anniversary Record (Orange & Green Vinyl). 50th Anniversary commemorating 3 days of Peace and music. The Summer of '69 series put out by Rhino Records.


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A1 Jam Back At The House  
A2 Izabella  
A3 Get My Heart Back Together  
B1 Saturday Afternoon / Won't You Toy  
B2 Eskimo Blue Day  
B3 Everything's Gonna Be Allright  
C1 Sweet Sir Galahad  
C2 Guinnevere  
C3 4 + 20  
C4 Marrakesh Express  
C5 My Beautiful People  
C6 Birthday Of The Sun  
D1 Blood Of The Sun  
D2 Theme For An Imaginary Western  
D3 Woodstock Boogie  
D4 Let The Sunshine In

Woodstock Two 50th Anniversary Record (Orange & Green Vinyl)

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