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Argy's opened in 1982 at the friendly confines of 767 St.Mary's Road. It was a way of bringing good quality music to the area that never harboured any such type of store before.

Records, 45's and stereo equipment were the start of it, then posters and the advent of Compact Discs. In October 1989 Argy's moved to it's present location at Unit 9-1604 St.Mary's Rd. Soon after trading cards and comics  were added. In 1994 Argy's started on the internet and soon connected with Guess Who fans worldwide and was able to distribute to fans near and far all things Guess Who and any related merchandise.

T-shirts, apparel, posters of rock music and entertainment (movie & television) soon adorned the shelves. Nowadays it is back to vinyl records as well as posters, t-shirts and trading cards.

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