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Dec.21 update, 1-John Prine left, 0-Hip left and 3 -Metallica/Cult.2021 Winnipeg Concert Gigposter 204 Calendar DELUXE PACKAGE.
We have  2 Metallica in stock, 1- JohnPrine and more Hip coming.
If 12 months of fabulous STUart is not enough for you, you can order this DELUXE package with not only the 12 months of Winnipeg concert bliss but  your choice of either an original  Cult/Metallica, Tragically Hip or John Prine poster designed by Disco Stu himself.
Buy one, no buy 2, one for you and one to preserve for all eternity or until at least our lives get back to normal. Buy 3 or more and I'll get your ol' pal  Stu to autograph some toilet paper or inscribe your favourite Bruce lyric on  carton of eggs.

2022 Winnipeg Concert Gigposter 204 Calendar DELUXE PACKAGE

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