Cheap Trick ‎– The Classic Albums 1977 - 1979

Only 2000 nu,bered copies produced.



  Cheap Trick
A1 Hot Love  
A2 Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace  
A3 He's A Whore  
A4 Mandocello  
A5 The Ballad Of T.V. Violence (I'm Not The Only Boy)  
B1 Elo Kiddies  
B2 Daddy Should Have Stayed In High School  
B3 Taxman, Mr. Thief  
B4 Cry, Cry  
B5 Oh Candy  
  In Color
A1 Hello There  
A2 Big Eyes  
A3 Drowned  
A4 I Want You To Want Me  
A5 You're All Talk  
B1 Oh Caroline  
B2 Clock Strikes Ten  
B3 Southern Girls  
B4 Come On, Come On  
B5 So Good To See You  
  Heaven Tonight
A1 Surrender  
A2 On Top Of The World  
A3 California Man  
A4 High Roller  
A5 Auf Wiedersehen  
B1 Takin' Me Back  
B2 On The Radio  
B3 Heaven Tonight  
B4 Stiff Competition  
B5 How Are You  
  At Budokan
A1 Hello There  
A2 Come On, Come On  
A3 Look Out  
A4 Big Eyes  
A5 Need Your Love  
B1 Ain't That A Shame  
B2 I Want You To Want Me  
B3 Surrender  
B4 Goodnight Now  
B5 Clock Strikes Ten  
  Dream Police
A1 Dream Police  
A2 Way Of The World  
A3 The House Is Rockin' (With Domestic Problems)  
A4 Gonna Raise Hell  
B1 I'll Be With You Tonight  
B2 Voices  
B3 Writing On The Wall  
B4 I Know What I Want  
B5 Need Your Love  

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Cheap Trick ‎– The Classic Albums 1977 - 1979

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