Genesis: The Lamb Dies Down On Broadway 180gr Vinyl Record.

Half Speed mastered on 180gr Audiophile vinyl. Their 6th album and on of the first ever concept albums which also featured Peter Gabriel on his last Gensis album.



A1 The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway (2007 Stereo Mix) 4:52
A2 Fly On A Windshield (2007 Stereo Mix) 2:45
A3 Broadway Melody Of 1974 (2007 Stereo Mix) 2:11
A4 Cuckoo Cocoon (2007 Stereo Mix) 2:12
A5 In The Cage (2007 Stereo Mix) 8:12
A6 The Grand Parade Of Lifeless Packaging (2007 Stereo Mix) 2:46
B1 Back In N.Y.C. (2007 Stereo Mix) 5:45
B2 Hairless Heart (2007 Stereo Mix) 2:10
B3 Counting Out Time (2007 Stereo Mix) 3:40
B4 Carpet Crawlers (2007 Stereo Mix) 5:15
B5 The Chamber Of 32 Doors (2007 Stereo Mix) 5:45
C1 Lilywhite Lilith (2007 Stereo Mix) 2:48
C2 The Waiting Room (2007 Stereo Mix) 5:17
C3 Anyway (2007 Stereo Mix) 3:17
C4 Here Comes The Supernatural Anaesthetist (2007 Stereo Mix) 2:49
C5 The Lamia (2007 Stereo Mix) 6:57
C6 Silent Sorrow In Empty Boats (2007 Stereo Mix) 3:01
D1 The Colony Of Slippermen (The Arrival / A Visit To The Doktor / Raven) [2007 Stereo Mix] 8:11
D2 Ravine (2007 Stereo Mix) 2:05
D3 The Light Dies Down On Broadway (2007 Stereo Mix) 3:32
D4 Riding The Scree (2007 Stereo Mix) 4:07
D5 In The Rapids (2007 Stereo Mix) 2:22
D6 It (2007 Stereo Mix) 4:18

Genesis: The Lamb Dies Down On Broadway 180gr Vinyl Record

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