Nirvana: Insomniac 25th Anniversary  Foil cover vinyl record.


Deluxe Edition, Limited Edition, 25th Anniversary Edition


A1 Armatage Shanks  
A2 Brat  
A3 Stuck With Me  
A4 Geek Stink Breath  
A5 No Pride  
A6 Bab's Uvula Who?  
A7 86  
B1 Panic Song  
B2 Stuart And The Ave.  
B3 Brain Stew  
B4 Jaded  
B5 Westbound Sign  
B6 Tight Wad Hill  
B7 Walking Contradiction  
  Live In Prauge
C1 Armatage Shanks  
C2 Brat  
C3 Geek Stink Breath  
C4 Stuck With Me  
C5 Brain Stew  
C6 Jaded  
C7 Walking Contradiction  
C8 86

Green Day: Insomniac 25th Anniversary Foil cover vinyl record

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