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Personality Crisis CD.

A Sounds Escaping release with notes below taken from their web site.

You tube songs highlighted below.


  • Every single studio recording by Personality Crisis
  • This is the first time that Creatures For Awhile, the two 1981 sessions, and the compilation tracks have appeared on CD
  • A complete, newly discovered, undocumented seven-song session recorded at San Francisco's Club Foot, remastered from the only master tape in existence!
  • A deluxe 28-page booklet, packed with unseen photographs, posters and artwork, with liner notes from Pages Of Rage editors Chris Walter (GFY Press) and Matt Vinet (Personality Crisis' sometimes-road manager)
  • All songs carefully remastered by Craig Boychuk
Disc One
The Original Album
1. Vampire's Dream
2. Mrs. Palmer
3. Twilight's Last Gleaming
4. The Advocate
5. Double Take
6. People In Glass
7. The Look
8. Creatures For A While
9. Scavengers
10. Wild Game
11. Name Dropper
12. Tyrants
Compilation Tracks
13. Case History
14. Piss On You
Disc Two
The First Demo (1981)
1. Burning Rain
2. Sundays
3. On The Sidewalk Bleeding
The Second Demo (1981)
4. Losing Time
5. Empty Sky
6. Waiting
7. Wonder What They're Thinking
8. Shotgun
The 'Club Foot' Demos (1982)
9. The Look
10. Wild Game
11. Twilight's Last Gleaming
12. Mrs. Palmer
13. Name Dropper
14. Fashion's Ruining Music
15. People In Glass

Personality Crisis Double CD

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